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Refined. Intense. Balancing.

The combination of saffron and agarwood makes this incense tridoshic as per Ayurveda, as it balances all the doshas (energies). Ancient medical system Ayurveda is based on the concept that the world is made up of five elements – space, water, earth, fire and air. The combination of these elements result in three energies or doshasvata, kapha and pitta – which are responsible for a person’s physiological, mental and emotional health.

Native to the Kashmir region of India, saffron is called the “sunshine spice”. This most expensive of spices contains antioxidants that have mood enhancing and immunity boosting properties.

This incense is able to induce a deep meditative state and is used in Tibetan medicine to alleviate emotional, nervous and psychological issues. Its psychoactive properties can help during your spiritual practices by instilling inner peace, elevating consciousness, balancing emotions, generating positive energy and increasing awareness.

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