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Vibrant. Captivating. Refreshing.

Champaka (or frangipani), with its heady fragrance, is highly revered by the followers of Hinduism and Buddhism and has been part of the Indian culture from time immemorial. Tibetans believe that the Buddha of the next era will find enlightenment under the flower canopy of the champaka tree.This sacred flower purifies any environment, transforms your space into a meditation room, clears out any negative energy and fills it with positive vibes. It stimulates spiritual awareness while simultaneously grounding you in the present.

This incense has an enchanting, delicate, sweet and soothing fragrance that enlivens and uplifts the mood. Subtle undertones of frankincense effortlessly merge with the gracious and sweet fragrance of champaka to transport a slice of oriental transcendence into your homes. This incense helps to develop higher intuition, reduces a tendency of indecision and inspires spirituality.

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