Glass Incense Holder


This incense holder is truly a marvel in molten glass. It synthesizes Vedic design concepts with Persian design elements and the final product genuinely captures ones imagination. The process of incense burning becomes a meditation itself – you first spot the color, the form, the fluid design aesthetics, and when the wafts of incense smoke start drifting leisurely out of the pores of the burner, the whole spectacle becomes poetry in motion delighting the senses of sight and smell alike.

A novel way of burning incense upside down saves you from ashes falling around – they are collected on the bottom of the burner and can be easily removed by pouring them out through the holes at the bottom.

Care instructions: wipe with a damp cloth as needed, hand-wash with dishwasher soap only if necessary. NOT dishwasher safe.

Weight: 0.2 kg