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Smoke from burning incense sticks standing on lotus incense holder.

The burning of aromatic incense has been an inherent practice in nearly every culture for ages. Incense has been used in prayer, ritual, medicine and healing since time immemorial. It has the power to greatly enhance people’s spiritual practices, generate positive feelings and upliftment, balance mental health and heal negative emotions. The first system of organized incense making was created by the ancient healer priests. A sadhu or yogi would regularly burn incense as an offering to Agni, the demigod of Fire, to ultimately propitiate the Supreme Lord Vishnu. Their sacred fireplaces, known as dhuni, perform the same function as incense, just on a larger scale, which is to transform gross matter into subtle ether. Burning incense signifies the sacred transformational power of fire in the ultimate journey of the physical towards the spiritual.

“Yamuna’s Incense” making is intrinsically rooted in the tradition of the Ayurvedic medical system. Our natural, temple grade artisanal incense is handmade in small batches. It is created with purpose, prayer and intentions for balance, healing and wellbeing

of yamuna

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Since childhood even random fragrances could instantly transport me to the most cherished memories and that has always remained a part of me. I remember arriving in India for the first time. Stepping out of the airport and being startled by some specific smell. It somehow felt so familiar, so home like. I was therefore not surprised when eight years ago this country actually became my home.

Perhaps more than any other place incense is an integral part of life in India, which intrigued me in so many ways. Being highly sensitive to smells and intolerant to chemical oils I became inspired to search and select the best available natural aromatics and eventually participate in the process of crafting incenses. For me it’s like a process of creating and communicating memories, something like writing poetry, a poetry of smells. 

“Yamuna’s Incense” is my expression of love to India. My passion is to convey at least a glimpse of the charm of this unique land through the finest handmade incense, aromas that will transport one to another world – the world I sense, the world I love. 


Distilled water, flower petals, flower essences, aromatic woods, gums, resins, roots, bark, fruits, leaves, herbs, camphor, honey, spice, essential oils