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Illuminating. Refreshing. Potent.

Sanctifying spaces are an intrinsic part of Vedic Indian culture. It involves not only cleaning the physical surroundings, but also purifying the subtle environment through the performance of fire sacrifices. Yogis of yore used to perform fire sacrifices every day to make their surroundings conducive for their spiritual practices as much as for the general wellbeing of all people. These fire sacrifices known as yajnas permeate the rites of passage in Indian homes even today, guiding a soul from conception, birth, adulthood, marriage, to eventually death. Yajnas bring auspiciousness to new ventures, whether it be stepping into a new home or starting a new business or even starting a new year.

We have assembled the primary ingredients used in all fire sacrifices in one incense and created a powerful tool to cleanse the energy of every home and bring auspiciousness wherever you may be.

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