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Noble. Wholesome. Healing.

The term ambergris comes from the Arabic word ambar or French ambre, a waxy substance found in the intestines of whales. This is the same amber which is used in high end perfumes. It should not be confused with the fossilized tree sap amber. We don’t use animal products in our incense, but a very special blend of plant based essential oils including Benzoin, Cistus, Oak Moss, Opoponox, Peru Balsam and others is as close as it gets to naturally formed ambergris.

The clean balsamic notes of amber combine with woody, earthy agarwood to create a scent that is at once warm, resinous, slightly sweet and deeply relaxing. This incense spreads a sensual and comforting warmth, akin to wrapping yourself up in a warm blanket or a delicate cashmere sweater. It is a very balanced fragrance that radiates light and brightness, invokes sense of relief and awakens your inner peace. Perfect for deep contemplation.


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