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Timeless Splendors


Distinctive. Rich. Memorable.

The term ambergris comes from the Arabic word ambar or French ambre, a waxy substance found in the intestines of whales. This is the same amber which is used in high end perfumes. It should not be confused with the fossilized tree sap amber. We don’t use animal products in our incense, but a very special blend of plant based essential oils including Benzoin, Cistus, Oak Moss, Opoponox, Peru Balsam and others is as close as it gets to naturally formed ambergris.

The smell of ambergris triggers something comforting in all of us. It has a powerful energy that is believed to evoke both sensual pleasure and ancient wisdom. It lends this incense a warm, powdery, sweet scent that evokes a rich, spicy and relaxing feel. A dash of luxurious, fresh rose and a hint of saffron makes this incense distinctive and memorable, exciting and deeply comforting. It really soothes and satisfies the senses. Perfect when you want to create an exclusive, classy, alluring atmosphere for a meditative mood.


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