Purificatory Incense

The ancient Vedic culture of India did not use incense in the temples for purification. The purpose of fragrant incense was to offer them to God or to the Demigods. Temples were kept spotlessly clean physically and purification of the subtle elements was accomplished by the precise chanting of recommended mantras (hymns) while performing yajnas (fire sacrifices) by highly advanced yogi sages. These practices are not recommended for the present age, because the exacting standards required for their effectiveness are impossible to attain in this day and age.

We’ve been receiving a lot of requests to recommend something specifically for cleansing the surroundings and even though all the Yamuna’s Incense incense sticks are suitable for that purpose, because special purificatory ingredients are added in all the formulas, we decided to create a special range of incense that is meant particularly to purify the subtle levels. We have used the highest quality ingredients and produced few kinds of incense that are perfect for cleansing the subtle elements and purifying the environment. While being extremely pleasant and pure they may not be most stunning in terms of fragrance, but very potent and powerful.