Frankincense has been used for centuries as incense in sacred Jewish and Christian rituals in different parts of the world. Its healing and purificatory properties are enshrined in the Ayurvedic tradition. Besides its practical uses, it was revered as a powerful tool for protection, purification and connecting with the divine.

Over and beyond its aromatic benefits, several scientific studies have substantiated what ancient civilizations have long understood – frankincense is an important ally in a holistic wellness tool box. From the tomb of King Tut to the manger where Jesus was born, the historical path of frankincense weaves together as many different cultures. Its balancing and purifying properties are helpful in addressing psychological issues by uplifting one to a state of wholeness. Frankincense supports the body and mind by working as an energy medicine. It affects our energy field and because that energy field is the link between our body and mind, it tends to stimulate the body and mind to move toward wellness.

The Frankincense we use in our incense are blends with the base gum-oleoresin sourced from countries in the Horn of Africa (Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia), Eastern Arabian Peninsula (primarily Oman) and the island of Soqotra (which is a part of Yemen and lays off the North-eastern Somali coast).