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Vivid. Ethereal. Awakening.

Our floral origin musk has a rich, softly sweet fragrance that is distinctly oriental. This highly fixative fragrance, when mixed with sandalwood, encourages the woody, earthy sandalwood to become equally tenacious with a lingering scent.

The holy land of Vrindavan in India is a small town of thousands of temples, where it is said that the Supreme Personality of Godhead, whose name is Krishna (meaning “All Attractive”) is still performing His pastimes in a realm that can be perceived only through the eyes of a pure heart. When the sun starts setting, the temple bells announce evening prayer time and soon the whiffles of delicate sweetness of musk with a tinge of sandalwood start lingering the narrow streets. This bright invigorating fragrance has the potency to transport one to a transcendental world that is beyond the mundane and material.

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