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Subtle. Smooth. Purifying.

The velvety, spicy, woody notes of myrrh blend beautifully with the earthy, fruity undertones of frankincense and create a mystical other-worldly fragrance. Famed for its restorative properties in Eastern medicine, myrrh is considered sacred and heavenly. In India it associated with good relationships and household harmony. It is also mentioned in many ancient texts, including the Bible and the Torah, for its ability to connect to the Divine. Frankincense creates an air of calm and contemplation.

We created this fragrance to uplift the mood and usher in brightness and positivity in our own home as we found ourselves confined like never before. This incense burns away and dissolves all negativity both within and without. It can be used for energetic protection, cleansing, purification, clearing the mind and it’s a great tool for meditation practices. Our family favorite.

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