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Behold Your Beauty


Deep. Earthy. Classy.

This incense has a trail of an other-worldly mystique. Sacred myrrh in India is associated with good relationships and household harmony, in Christianity it symbolizes sacrificial death of Jesus Christ, it is also mentioned in many ancient texts, including the Bible and the Torah, for its ability to connect to the Divine. Myrrh, one of the oldest aromatherapy fragrances, is traditionally used in prayer, offerings, as a meditative aid, for energetic protection, cleansing and purification, clearing the mind, and much more. Our incense, with myrrh as top note, has the potency to purify the environment, cleanse the mind and invoke the mood of prayer and contemplation. Perfect for those who want to use incense for a deeper purpose, and for those who love the deep, woody and classy aroma.

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